8 Questions and Photographs That Could Change Some Perceptions You Have of Yourself

1. When I think back, what challenges have I encountered; what scars have I experienced and overcome that I am the proudest of?

2. Is there is an important aspect of myself that people have not seen or been aware of and how might I let go of what I want other people to think about me so that I am freer to become who I feel I truly am?

 3.  Are there dents and nicks from my childhood that I am silently tending and what is keeping from letting let go of them?

  4. As I am becoming older am, I giving myself permission to become more comfortable with the beauty of who I am in the present or do I spend time mourning who I believed I used to be? 

5. Who are the people who have believed in and loved me despite the flaws I feel I have and are they aware of my appreciation? 

 6. As my body ages, can keep at the forefront of my thoughts that the changes – including pains and illnesses – are one thing and how I relate to, label, and focus upon them are another?

  7. When I look in the mirror and witness the passage of time, do I allow myself the kindness and acceptance that I would show others and can I begin to give myself the daily gift of smiling at my own reflection? 

   8. Is there some unnecessary responsibility I have assumed or anything I do or that another person does, that is keeping me a hostage and can I make a conscious effort to begin to set myself free?