Encaustic /masa paper boats by Fred Swan  titled: “River of Souls”


I am an artist, author, father, and a long-time married man who died a few years ago and who, after forty minutes of CPR, came back with changed perceptions about life and thoughts on how any of us might shred the doubts and fears that can stand in the way of our living authentic, creative, and confident lives.

Having had the great gift of continuing to age, I have become aware that we often ‘make do’ at the edges of our lives when there is so much more to be found within the riches of ourselves and the world around us. With the gift of aging we have the opportunity to become ever reacquainted with life; life  in all its beauty, its sadness, challenges, losses, and gains.

2nd Tuesday will now explore the unfamiliar realms that arrive as we age.  It will look for those wonders and the new opportunities we have to become truly known and understood.  This exploration becomes most vital as we realize that the balance of time has shifted – when we clearly begin to recognize that our past has become larger than the future.

Educationally I have a Master’s degree in Social Work. I studied art and design during in my undergraduate years.  While my career focused on the field of child welfare – specifically the issues of child abuse and neglect and the treatment of loss and grief issues – I have pursued, over the course of my life, interests as an artist and a writer.

I hope that you will join me and other contributors as 2nd Tuesday considers the lessons and gifts to be found in an ordinary day, thoughts about letting go of the things that drag us through the clouded dust of yesterday, and ideas about rewriting those parts of our stories that prevent us from living bountiful and creative lives.

We all have stories in our hearts that have the potential to impact the lives of other people. If you would like to be a contributor please contact me at the email address below and please share your thoughts in the comment section of individual articles. Together we have the chance to better understand our lives.

As a doorway to the original vision of 2nd Tuesday, let’s begin the journey with a post I made some years ago:  click here

My book, Parentheses, A Memoir of my life before, during, and after my death is available on Amazon.

Contact: f.hswan@q.com