As She

I encountered this haunting tribute by Elle Harris in Bella Grace and felt it spoke of so many feelings, so many memories of those rare and beautiful souls that become a part of our lives. Ms. Harris was gracious in sharing her work with 2nd Tuesday. Fred Swan

As She

by Elle Harris


She was a life like no other

a part of this world by circumstance,

…not substance…

too exquisite to ever really belong in the confines of ordinary days


Breathtakingly radiant,

hers was not a beauty one could be jealous of,

because when she was with you she shared herself so completely that

you became beautiful too


She was the vibrance of every story read or told

and the storm behind every calm

her spirit equal measures to chaos and grace


And I miss her everywhere


She was the sister I danced with under the moon with the kindred echo of my thoughts

the hand I didn’t know I needed to hold until she was holding it

the voice of adventure

when reason had no claim

the master of every plan

the tether to all that made sense when nothing could


She was the star I always followed home


With every breath, even her last,

she gave everything and I think sometimes

that is why she had to leave


Her soul was so light,

that heaven itself became her gravity


And yet even now,

after she has left her first destiny for her next she is with me

her smile ever unclouded and fixed in my mind


And the memory of her is a firework show –


every day of her life the grand finale

She cast her radiance,

her ethereal, effervescent glow

upon all of those fortunate enough to be her audience


And so she will always be –

the golden sparkle hanging in the air, imprinting her beauty against the sky

leaving this life with a trail of light


as she


Elle Harris,

Elle Harris is an author and a blogger who wrote this haunting and beautiful poem for the publication, Bella Grace, a magazine whose vision is ‘…devoted to discovering magic in the ordinary… for anyone tired of trying to fit unrealistic standards of beauty or of reaching for unattainable ideals…’  Permission to include As She in 2nd Tuesday was graciously granted by its author Elle Harris, July 2019.  As She was first published in the Sept – Nov 2018 issue of Bella Grace, Stampington & Company LLC, Christen Hammons, Editor-in-Chief, All rights to reprint/share this poem rests with its author Ms. Harris and Bella Grace magazine.

Photographic image by Anita Austvika, Upsplash