Things Happen To Us As Children And We Are Left With Choices


High from the cliffs of Eastern Greenland, the first 400′ flight of the Barnicle gosling has its metaphorical links to the process of growing from a child to an adult, the importance of taking leaps of faith, of trusting in something outside oursleves,  and how – in order to get on with the business of living and soaring to our potential – we need  to shake off the bumps and challenges of our childhoods. Before reading any of this month’s stories about growing up, please join this short but powerful adventure by clicking on the BBC link at the top of this article.

The gosling clip from BBC’s “Life Story” series, was produced by Tom Hugh Jones and filmed by Mateo Willis and Mark Payne-Gill.  Barnicle geese lay their eggs in nests on high cliffs to prevent the Artic Fox from eating their eggs.   In the first days of life, the parents, who do not feed their young, fly to the ground, call their young. The chicks –  in a period of decisionary time from 1/2 hour to 1/2 day jump to the meadows below, their parents and food resources available if they survive the flight.