If you would like to submit an article for consideration please contact me.

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2nd Tuesday will be looking for original narratives, poetry, and journal entries regarding the personal experiences and challenges of the gift of the opportunity of growing older. Submitted work can be about the simple pleasures and gifts of life, the challenges of loss, the beauty of the everyday, and the paths taken in living a life of authenticity and creativity.

Written submissions can include the writer’s personal and original photographs, but if selected, writers may be paired with the photography of others when necessary.

Ideas to perhaps prompt you to submit an article for consideration:

2nd Tuesday believes that every day is an extraordinary gift.

The real limitations of aging come from our beliefs about aging and not the processes of our bodies.

That everything is impermanent and therefore potentially precious.

That everyone has the capacity to be creative.

That there is beauty and gratitude to be found everywhere.

We have choices in how we label ourselves and that how we perceive our process of aging will significantly impact how we are seen and how we will feel about ourselves.

To live an authentic life we must live in accord with our own imperfections.