“Courier of Love” What’s Up With This Book Being Here In 2nd Tuesday?

Della Kensington – a musical name for a romance writer – is a far more intriguing than the actual names of the authors of Courier of Love: Fred Swan (yes, the creator of 2nd Tuesday) and his wife Katherine, and their good friends – same last name but not relatives – Dianne and Walt Swan. 

A greater marketing challenge than their many names on the book’s cover would be the listing of the author’s ages.     

We’re talking about four people – two couples now in their 70’s – who decided one evening thirty-seven years ago (and after several bottles of wine and a discussion about how they might earn extra money while raising their kids) to write a romance novel.

Two couples, now married fifty-seven years each – that adds up to 114 years of learning about love and sex, and the vital ingredient of a good romance novel – secrets.

You know – the kind of secrets we either have or believe that other people have that lead to misunderstandings, betrayals, and sometimes broken hearts.

Now, though the authors may have secrets themselves, they’re more likely going to take their secrets to the grave than at this late stage to an interview on a talk-show about how they’ve rewritten and updated their romance novel. It can be said however, that the authors were good at keeping their book a secret; not telling their children or friends about having written the steamy novel for thirty- five years.

Thirty five years sounds like a long time, but not nearly as long as the secret the Swan’s have written about in their recently revised romance novel. The story itself centers around a historic ring that was hidden away on a ship three centuries before the ship sank to the bottom of the ocean just off the coast of a tropical island. 

Readers who like romance novels will find that there are bundles of secrets on this island and we all know that secrets – like unwept tears – can build up inside until they threaten to drown us.

And – on the subject of drowning – there is a lot of water in this book. Water surrounds the island, it cradles boats, fills bathtubs, and tears stream down the heroine’s cheeks.

There’s enough water in this novel to harbor sharks, sink ships, hide sunken treasures and – it ultimately drenches the book’s lovers with feelings of uncertainty and desire. If you’re prone to sea-sickness this may be a turbulent book to sail.

“Lovers drenched with desire?”  Let’s talk about lovers, desire, sex and romance novels for a moment. And let’s talk Madison-Avenue-publishing house-ad-kind-of-questions:

“Do you find well written stories about physical hesitancy and sexual uncertainty more erotic than page after page of graphic descriptions of body parts?” 

“Are you tired of romance novels and their use of four-letter words, thrusting paragraphs, and breathless imagery as a way of defining love?”

The author’s, themselves – a little hesitant about kicking around graphic encounters over dinner even when they were young – thought that readers might want something more.

They felt that romance readers might ache for deeper, richer, more sensitive relationships.

They felt – despite the relaxing effects of writing a book over dinner and wine – that their novel, Courier of Love in its less graphic innocence – would be just what the public was waiting for.

You ask, ” A book with less graphic sex is just what the public waiting for?”  Your guess was perhaps world peace, socio-economic stability, and a better face cream.

The authors never did (and even now in their advanced ages) have a clue as to what the world was waiting for, but – having rewritten their book in recent years – they do know what their book is waiting for.  

It’s waiting for the touch of your fingertips across its long silken pages, or in the kindle edition, your eyes caressing your monitor screen.  It’s waiting for you and your imagination to follow it through the depths of the sea and the heights of the love.  It’s waiting for you to join the fun of a long over-due dream that two couples came up with thirty-seven years ago. This little book about a big romance is waiting for you to buy it while the authors still have time to spend the royalties they will make from your purchase.

Courier of Love – a novel about young lovers re-imagined by two pairs of very old lovers. 

Join the adventure.

You just might discover that youthful dreams don’t have to tucked away in a drawer.

Extended preview and book now available on Amazon Kindle.