December 2019

December’s issue and information about me.  Welcome to 2nd Tuesday.  Welcome to Winter.

Welcome to 2nd Tuesday.

“There’ll be scary ghost stories and tales of the glories…” The State Road Covered Bridge in Ohio.  In the winters of the late 1940’s my uncle and grandfather told ghost stories; cautioned us with tales of the State Road Bridge which we had to cross every time we traveled to my uncle’s farm.  The calls of the last deltas of geese have muted and the doors to the holidays and winter have opened. The Winter Solstice and longest night of the year lies just up the road.  A time for tales, memories, great food, family gatherings, and friends.  The holidays and winter; one of the richest and potentially most challenging times of the year.This month’s articles include a recipe of a grilled brie and pear sandwich served up with a friendship between a rabbit and a squirrel.  I’ve shared a Face Book post I wrote about the grief and the sharp edges of the holidays.  There is an article about how to rethink the stress of many of the responsibilities and commitments that come with the season, and an article about winter ghost stories with links to poems, films, music, and videos that are all best experienced with a friend,  the lights out, and frost on the windows.  Tha tump, tha tump, tha tump…is that how you spell the sound of the heart? A touching new film from Green Renaissance shares the experience of a wondrous soul and there are a couple of pieces of advise about spending and the season of gift giving.  And if you find yourself having to do a lot of things you don’t like doing during the holidays, click here.  Welcome.  I’m so honored by your presence….and be sure to check back in January for a story about a local hero and additionally, I’ll be posting a call for art for the 4th annual dog and cat themed art show.  And a story about me (click here)