Finding Joy


The 10th Anniversary of Being Returned to Earth

Some thoughts about having died, resuscitated and returned to my life after 45 minutes of CPR…(Click photo and read on)


You Don’t Have To Feel Grateful All of the TIme

No positive thing happens in your mind when you try to feel grateful in your mind when you are not.  (Click photo to read)


Finding Sanctuary

There are so many hard things in life: so many stairs sometimes to climb when you are tired.  (Click photo to read on.)

Growing Up

Now I see time flash forward to a future where I live a very long time… I see my grandkids, all grown up, bending down to kiss my head as I grow older and older, until one day, I leave my body to disperse back into the Everything.  (Click photo to read on.)


When we become willing to pause and let go of the “past” and the “future” and thus allow ourselves the space to be “present” in the moment, we will find the gift of our next breath.

Pause – part 2

I think we all have some degree of doubt about our worth, some fundamental belief that we are not totally okay.  ( Click photo…)

Andrew Neel 2019

The Comfort of Creatures

Kathy and I are once again discovering who we are as a couple – in later life, a period in which we are apparently keeping our eyes, like those woven into the warmth of the woolen blanket, wide and curious and on the lookout for….(Click photo to read on.)

Thirteen Random Thoughts On My Birth

Despite all I know – all we know – about the impermanence and the challenges of life, there seems to be a natural tendency to feel we shouldn’t have problems, a perception that has the potential to make the process of aging much more stressful. As we age, a sense of entitlement can lead to a sense of being betrayed by our bodies and therein feelings of being a victim.  (Click photo to read.)