Grab Your Phone Let Go

As the summer of 2017 starts, I want to share a terrific aid to help calm your life, an aid that uses the sounds of water and nature to nurture the needs of your body and your soul. In a world where technology puts more and more demands upon us, it’s nice to find those little niches of respite. We all know the importance of mindfulness and meditation.  If used several times a week there are a variety of online apps that are intended to help people learn to relax, become calmer and sleep better. is one such app.  It offers free, short, guided meditations, scenery, and sounds  to help people step away from stressful moments.

In the website and mobile app, you first choose from several relaxing nature scenes and as on the opening page, the sounds of the sea, rain, and the waters of the earth flowing to the oceans.  You then select between a 2, 10, or 20 minute relaxation session. A narrator then walks you through a guided meditation by first getting you to become physically relaxed. You close your eyes, relax your shoulders, focus on your chest, notice sensations, and so on.

There are beautiful images to choose from.  They include such scenes as flying birds and ocean waves.  A variety of quality sounds from nature add to the sense of peacefulness. is touted as a “relaxing therapy website” meant to “disconnect” an individual from their hectic internet filled life.

A few minutes with will hopefully help you “reset” your rhythm during a stressful day.  In the least you will see and hear some very beautiful background videos.

Discover how meditation can improve your mood – and your life. is now available for Android.  It’s quite a large app so it’s wise to use wi fi to avoid your phone’s over-usage charges.



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