Journal Entry – November 2, 1961

In my freshman year of college an English teacher required, as a one term assignment, that we keep journals. I’ve kept them somewhat steadily ever since. The following is an entry I made in a journal at the beginning of my Junior year at the University of Oregon. Two months earlier, and shortly after we had gotten married, we had moved a little over a hundred miles away from our parents.


It’s Kathy’s 20th birthday tomorrow. We’re going to go see “Breakfast and Tiffany’s” and then have dinner at Hamburger Heaven.  It’s kind of lonely down here, so far from our families and friends. Car’s not running good. Really hoping we can get it fixed and make it home to see everyone on Thanksgiving.  Painted the bedroom ceiling after class yesterday. Pushed on one corner of it and part of the fiberboard broke away.  Now we can see light through the floorboards of the apartment above us. Made us both laugh because President Kennedy just recommended that (because of  the Soviet nuclear threat) Americans should build bomb shelters to protect ourselves from atomic fallout.

Better try to get both the car and now the ceiling fixed as soon as possible.

November 2, 1961