Journal Entry – September 2, 2019 – Dreams and Recipes

I haven’t walked the path at the hem of the woods for several weeks – a sacrament so routine in my days, so recorded in these journals, that I had a dream about perhaps neglecting the path as I tossed around last night trying to find a spot that didn’t worsen my back pain.  I called the doctor’s office this morning.  His assistant said that the request for approval of a steroid injection was sent yesterday. Don’t understand why this took a week.

In the dream about the path, Kyle and Jack (two of our grandsons, now adults) were quite young and trying to hold onto our old dog Lucky’s leash.  Lucky was running back and forth the length of the path chasing a squirrel that was gripping a key between its teeth, a key that the squirrel – as Lucky would occasionally stop to watch – repeatedly tried to use in paddle locks that were attached to various trees along the way.  When the key finally fit one of the locks, the squirrel turned the key and as it did a heavy rain started falling through the canopy of trees.  From the curtain of the rain, the squirrel, Lucky, and my grandsons all turned to look in the direction of where I stood watching them from our kitchen window.  I started to raise my hand to signal that I was coming to join them, but as I did, they turned in unison and vanished into the rain, into the woods.  I woke troubled, got out of bed to stretch my back; to walk off the pain that gathered in my leg, and to turn away from the missed opportunity of the dream.

Kyle, Jack, and Connor (our third grandson) – what, now 12/14 years ago – used to love eating the berries at the edge of the woods, their blue-black stained fingers witness as to why the bowls that they had taken to the woods were usually empty when they returned from their berry picking intentions.    And Lucky – how you used to make me laugh when you tried to avoid the brambles and nip off only the ripest of berries by tightening your lips and jutting your teeth forward every time, we passed those bushes.

Last night’s dream required that I walk the path and to see what was up in the woods this afternoon – who might still be waiting, what sound, what key might have been left behind.  It was warm out today and the woods were brushed with the late-summer scent of thirsty moss, early fallen leaves, and the fragrance of the blackberries that have ripened just near the stairs down the hill. I picked the slim crop of berries that I could reach – about a half a quart – and on my way back into the house, broke off some rosemary stems from beside the deck.  We had a piece of Camembert and some French bread left from the BBQ with the kids last weekend.  The cheese, berries, and rosemary warmed together along with some glasses of white sangria mixed with Prosecco, and cucumbers and strawberry slices, ended up as our dinner tonight.  It looked and tasted so spectacular that instead of the pizza we were going to order I told Kathy that the sight of it seemed like an affair in the midst of an otherwise ordinary life.

I need to call Kyle and Gina (our granddaughter) and call Jack to see if he has time for lunch.  Connor is still on the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) – maybe 140 miles to go. Applause Connor!  Lucky – good walking with you in the woods again this afternoon. 

I’ve read that cheese contains an amino acid that can affect the way we sleep; the types of dreams we have.

Hey guys. Tonight.  Wait for me.


                                                                                                        September 1, 2019


Camembert with Blackberries and Rosemary

Recipes detailed with a broad brush

Clean berries and sprigs of Rosemary

Melt cheese (could use Brie or Triple Creme with the skin left on in microwave 1 minute at a time until soft – watch closely

Garnish with fresh berries and Rosemary sprigs


Mix berries with a trace of olive oil, even a bit of garlic (and/or a trace of brown sugar) and put on top of cheese before microwaving.  Keep some unheated berries to add to garnish

Serve with warmed or toasted bread.


Sangria, Prosecco, Cucumbers, and Strawberries

Over ice:

3 parts Sangria Moscato wine (white Sangria)

2 parts Prosecco

Thin slices of cucumber

Strawberries halved

Here’s to the last weeks of summer!

5 Responses

  1. kathy heide says:

    Your words make me smile, cry and give me goose bumps. They are a gift. Thank you.

  2. Fred Swan says:

    Thank you so much, Kathy. I’m honored. Writing in journals is my no-copay therapy.

  3. Sam Yamauchi says:

    Dreams, family, dogs, sharing food with loved ones – everything I love in this story. Thanks for writing it and sharing it. I made me feel warm and happy.

  4. Alea says:

    So nice to have Lucky visit you in your dreams

  5. Fred Swan says:

    Never know when he’ll wag his way through a dream – but always something to hope for when I head off to sleep. Hey!!!…and congratulations on the filmmaker under your roof!