Never Too Late to Listen to the Child Within

Sea Serpent by Tif Rock

Sea Serpent by Tif Rock

My childhood dreams:  To dance under the stars, sing with the birds, paint the colors of sky

My childhood reality:  Born into a no-nonsense household with no appreciation of the arts, expected to stay between the lines and not to question the authority of the Air Force Officer Father and perfect officer’s wife.

 The messages implanted in my brain through the years when I attempted to escape into my dream world:  “You are like a bull in a china shop”, “You can’t carry a tune in a bucket”, “and “Painting is a waste of your time”.  As an adult, whenever that little girl considered playing outside the lines, those messages still echoed over and over.  So I did not dance, sang quietly only when alone, and created art for my own pleasure.

Finding my BLISS after six decades:  My granddaughter Sophia dances with joyful abandon and is delighted when I join the performance.  She loves it when I sing to her, especially when the songs are created on the spot. Her requests and enthusiasm coaxed the little girl to begin to ignore those lifelong messages and remember her dreams.   My artistic child is now being introduced to art classes, with the support and encouragement from friends, family and the artists that are so generous with their knowledge and assistance.  The lifelong tapes are all being rerecorded during this process with positive thoughts and I am now joyously painting and even starting to share with others.

Perhaps one day I will sing out loud and dance in the streets….Stay tuned!