What is your most vivid memory of living by water, being on the water or creating art work about water?”

Dianne Swan,  Mariner, Fabric Artist, Volunteer


My most vivid memory of water is that of sailing in the Gulf Islands, B.C., when the main sail goes up, and the engine is turned off…the most peaceful feeling relaxes my soul, and I become aware of the sounds, sights and smells of nature….water splashing against the hull, birds, seals, Dall’s porpoise, and, rarely, a pod of Orcas…pure bliss.


Michael Grishman, D.D.S, Kaiser Permanente

Photograph of Michael Grishman

Photograph of Michael Grishman

At first light, I meet only deer and soaring eagles on the lake. With a mug of “Joe” at my side, I slowly glide across the water in anticipation of catching a rainbow trout. After admiring the beauty of the fish, I place it back into its habitat to carry on. I continue for hours that seem like minutes. This form of meditation for me is my nirvana.


Tom Cooney, Mariner, Adventurer

Photograph by Tom Cooney

Photograph by Tom Cooney

 Waves caressing the hull as she glides through the water. Sails straining the canvas as they fill with the strength of the wind. The sun dancing off the crests of the waves. Serenity. The only cares in the world are holding her to the wind, steering towards new adventures and memories, and relishing the joys of nature. Eyes scan the water looking for Dolphins who love to dance and play and frolic at her bow. And where are the whales who, often times, majestically break the bonds of the water that hold them to display their awesome strength, physique and beauty, before crashing down and diving again into the deep. Sipping a glass of wine while watching the sun go down is a reminder of how insignificant we really are. Just another day on the aptly named, Serenity Blue.

Aaron G