A Winter Solstice

promenade-228614_1280 Stefan Schweihofer From München, Deutschland

Albert Einstein once remarked: “There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

We are closing in on the winter solstice and despite – in the Northern Hemisphere – the nights getting longer for the next nine days, things are about to shift.  After December 21st one additional minute of light will be added to each day.  By the first week of January the amount of additional day light will have gradually increased to about two minutes a day.  For the seasonally affected cravers of light the banquet is about to be set.

Every year I marvel at the wonder of the dependability of this incoming tide of light.  In a world that can easily seem out of control, this one certainty of life here on the planet Earth, this one miracle that can so easily be taken for granted out of the millions of miracles that make up life itself, continually gives me hope.

This month 2nd Tuesday presents two articles about faith, friendship, healing and everyday miracles. They were written by two of my friends, one the very talented artist Linda Robertson, the other by June Hyjek a mind/body coach and Reiki master. There are several articles that address ways to open the windows on the dark moments of our spirit and what would the season be without a few musings that offer up additional helpings of food, music and ways to save money.  There will also be found a very provocative seven minute film related to the recent landing of the Rosetta probe. (Oh – and for my Scottish friends, a New Years Eve moment with Mairi Campbell)

So welcome to this issue of 2nd Tuesday.  As many of you know, I live each day as if it is the only day I will have.  This is not a dark view of life, but a view that makes so many ordinary things really special.  This perception of a day makes me keenly aware of the incredible gift of one more holiday season.  You might try this yourself – within reason and discretion live each individual day of the next few weeks as if it is the only day you or someone you care about will have. If you can remind yourself of this in the days ahead some of the dark and stressful things about the holidays will have a great deal of light and gratitude washed across them.  (I’m a big believer in putting stickers somewhere as reminders of our behavioral intents.)

Be safe.  Put your arms around everyone you love. Light a candle, open a window or look up at the stars to let in the light of the outreached arms of someone you can’t.


“Promenade” by Stefan Schweihofer – Germany / Pixabay