Realms of the Soul

Creating Realms for your soul

As we experience the challenges and demands of our lives, one of the most important questions to clutch to our consciousness is “what are the truly important things in my life.” Gathering objects and symbols together has, over time, endured as a pathway towards the actions that address and sustain the intentions of our answers.

Each month 2nd Tuesday will post images and ideas about how the objects and symbols we treasure can be gathered from the bottom drawers of our thoughts and out of their randomness and into visible ‘Realms.’ Such a process can become a means of nourishing and calming our inner lives, healing and sustaining our health, finding resilience that we might not realize we have, honoring people and beings, and affirming and encouraging our intentions and values.

With a sense of curiosity and adventure and with a small investment of time and money, you can find that you do not have to wait for a vacation to feel the presence of something greater in your life, to feel the presence of the divine within your spirit.

The images and text about the realms we will create once a month will be presented here as only a springboard for the voice of your own soul. Grab a tray, or a vessel, or a dish of some kind and take your creativity and your intentions for a walk.

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January Realm 2019 


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November Realm – 2019

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