When it Rains

Hans DietmannOne day, without warning,

mud washed down the

mountain and coverd my

life in thick grayness.

I had not given much

thought to the increasing

number of stormy days.

Nor had I realized that

minor events had a way

of accumulating until

even carefully constructed

walls could not

stop the flow.


Some good did come of

the unwelcomed mess.

I learned to pay attention

to even the slightest sprinkle,

and that carrying an umbrella

was not a sign of weakness.


One lesson took a bit

longer to soak in:

It is rain that brings the mud,

and rain that washes it away.


When it Rains by Jean Sheldon is a poem from a collection of poetry titled, Persistent.

2015-04-08_1947“In Persistent,accomplished mystery writer Jean Sheldon turns her considerable talents to the poetic form, condensing personal experience into the exquisite expression of thought, emotion and revelatory moment.” Laurence Overmire

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Umbrella image by Hans Dietmann, Pixabay